In our fully-equipped workshop, we can repair and maintain all of your small, air-cooled motors .

Ride On Mower Service and Repairs

The benefits of servicing your ride-on are huge and annual servicing can save you costly repairs long-term, keep you safe and make your ride-on run more efficiently. We have a pickup and drop-off service, so getting your ride-on to our workshop is sorted.

Push Mower Service and Repairs

We repair and service old and new machines but we do take pride in the fact we love old things and enjoy keeping them going for our customers. Often a simple service can solve starting issues, strange noises and despite some saying ‘you need a new mower’.. at TLC you will only ever be told this if yours is truly uneconomical to repair. Our service rates won’t be beaten and our work is very thorough, we even in most situations, completely remove the carburetor and fuel tank of your machine to fully clean them out properly… diaphragms are inspected and repaired and we won’t put a new part into a machine unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Chainsaw Servicing and Repairs

Annual servicing of your chainsaw helps your saw work as it should and also ensures your safety. Keeping chains sharp is paramount. A blunt chain will soon wear out your saw (as well as your back!) We sharpen chains for as little as $12.50, machine-dress chainsaw bars, which prevents you cutting circles when it should be straight, as well as a number of other basic and more complex repairs and maintenance issues. Servicing includes a 12 point check and remedy where necessary. Parts are only replaced if absolutely necessary, keeping your costs as low as possible with the best possible job done and an immaculate saw returned.

Repairs are often simple. We regularly have customers come in and their saw they thought broken, is just a $10 repair. We don’t recommend trying to fix your saw yourself as it can make your repair bill higher. We are always happy to give you a quick estimate before commencing any work. Remember, we can service and repair all brands of chainsaw.

Weedeaters/Brushcutters and Blowers

Yup we sort these too! Service and repairs of all brands!

Hedgetrimmers/Water Pumps/Water Blasters

If it’s run by a petrol engine, we can usually sort it!

Garden Tool Sharpening

We sharpen hand-held flat-edged garden tools, including:
Spades, Hand-held and powered hedge trimmers
Edgers, Pruners, Shears, Axes.. plus more!

Don’t forget, we can also sharpen chainsaw chains.